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Addicted to Maldon Sea Salt

I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat myself; I love salt! There’s something about salt that makes my tongue go wild! Yet I know we keep on reading everywhere that salt is not good for you. You’ll get your arteries clogged if you have too much of it. But what is too much? Really, when you think about it, if you buy all your food in boxes, prepared and precooked for you, then maybe you’re in trouble. Read the labels. You’ll see that you eat a hell of a lot of salt in a day… and it’s probably a type of salt that’s not too good for your health either. On the contrary, if you prepare all of your food yourself and add a few good pinches of salt here and there, I’m sure in the end you’re using a lot less salt than what they put in those boxes. So really, who eats more salt? The one who buys the prepared foods or the one who cooks his own?

I was raised on salty foods. If you ask me to chose between a salty dish and a desert, I’ll pick the salty dish way before the desert, without even thinking about it! Which is why my cooking is always enhanced with a touch a salt, with a dash of those brilliant crystals.

If you start looking around, you’ll find that there are a whole lot of finishing salts you can choose from to enhance your dishes. Lately, I discovered my personal favourite salt at a friend’s house. I liked it so much I was adding it everywhere… So I went hunting for it, looking for that crunchiness, that perfectly balanced saltiness, those huge crystals that look so beautiful on top of my food. This salt is called Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. The crystals are bigger and better than the standard sea salt, they’re super tasty and crunchy yet not too hard when you bite into them! To me, this is the perfect salt!!

If you’re in Montreal, you can find the Maldon Salt at Les douceurs du Marché (Atwater Market), at Alexis le Gourmand or any other fine food store. Enjoy!

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