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Easy Crab Dip

Ok, I have to admit it: I don’t celebrate our National day. Sorry for those who do. But what I do enjoy on our National celebration day is a nice day off, usually spent with a bunch of friends. Isn’t that what long weekends should be about?

Big parties on a day off usually equal pot luck, which means you might have to bring something along to your friends’ house (if the party isn’t being held at your place). I’m personally always impressed with what some people bring at these sorts of parties (forget about those who buy prepared foods…no comments on that). I mean, some people can get really creative. A friend of mine, who’s almost a local version of Martha Stewart, always brings these really cool dishes that seem to be made for entertainment. Where does she get such cool ideas? She’s probably hooked on the Martha Stewart website… I’m not sure I want to go that way. Still… I, on the other hand, with my not so bad cooking skills, never seem to find a cool idea for what to bring at these gatherings.

This time though, I decided to think out of the box. Lately, I wanted to try out for the “Women of Philly” contest, a cooking contest organized by Philadelphia (the cheese, not the city!). I bought some big jugs of Philadelphia cheese at Costco, only to realize that the contest was closed to the residents of Quebec (what the heck?). Anyways. The cheese has been in my fridge forever so I decided to put it to use. I found a great recipe for entertainment: a cool and easy to make and carry around crab dip. Finally! I believe I made a Martha Stewart out of myself and am ready for those parties coming up in the weekend. Bring it on! Are you ready?

Crab Dip

Level: KID



  • 250g Philadelphia cheese, softened

  • 1 ½ cup grated Swiss or Cheddar cheese

  • 1/3 cup Hellman’s mayonnaise

  • 1 can (120g) crab, drained

  • 2 green onion, chopped

  • Hot sauce (optional)


  1. In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients. Lay the mixture in a pie plate.

  2. When ready to serve, place in the over at 350˚F and cook for 15 minutes stirring once during the baking.

  3. Serve in a dipping bowl. Accompany with bread stick or nachos.

Note: tastes even better if you have along with a nice Rosé wine!

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